Unbiased Information Policy

On this page, you can learn more about the Unbiased Information Policy of Affiliate Program Database.

Problem & Solution

Why do we need this policy to operate?


If you visit websites, forums or groups that suggest different affiliate programs, you will quickly notice that everyone is so focused on milking each other.

99% of people are sharing their affiliate links there and shouting "Come, join this program, my friends!". Then no wonder why there are hundreds of discussions about whether affiliate marketing is a Ponzi scheme or not.

Choosing a wrong affiliate program can cost you. You will be wasting your money, time, energy and even worse, your reputation and audience.


Done right, affiliate marketing is a beautiful and effective way of making money online. There are many high-quality affiliate programs with a great dedicated affiliate team, a solid product or service, and a reliable company behind them.

Despite this toxic environment in the industry, we want to show you these affiliate programs in an honest, transparent and objective way.

Our difference:

We boost your efforts by providing these on our website:

  • Unbiased information; the information sections of affiliate programs on our website are dedicated to facts, not our opinions.
  • Transparency; all the links in the information and comments sections of all affiliate programs are clean, no affiliate links. Not only we don't put affiliate links in the information sections, but also we don't let spammers fill in the comments sections with their links. We insist on developing a transparent database.
  • Reviews by experienced users; we don't pretend as we have tried each program we list, we let experienced affiliates speak.
  • Q&A between affiliates and merchants; each affiliate has unique needs and each merchant has a unique operation, therefore we encourage real questions and honest responses.

Now, let's find the most suitable affiliate program for you!

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