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Editors' Picks

Our editorial team is tirelessly scouting for valuable affiliate opportunities. Here are some of them:


Eightcap Affiliate Program featured

Eightcap Company: Eightcap is a leading global broker that provides you services to trade CFDs on FX, cryptos, indices, and more. You can start trading on low spreads with Eightc ...

Program: Earn recurring commission. + Earn up to $6 per lot in IB rebates and revenue share options available + Standard Accounts - up to $6 per lot in IB rebates + Raw ...

View Details

Juuli Affiliate Program new

Juuli Company: Juuli is a fintech platform that simplifies invoicing and payments for freelancers. Freelancers can invoice without a company and receive payments from anywhere ...

Program: Earn 33% commission. + Get 33% of the Juuli commission fee on every invoice your referral creates for 1 year. + The Juuli Affiliate program is open to everyone, ...

View Details

Siyakunakekela Affiliate Program new

Siyakunakekela Company: Siyakunakekela, meaning “we take care of you,” is a non-profit organization in South Africa with a mission to address the gaps left by the government in hea ...

Program: Earn 30% commission. + Affiliates receive a 30% commission on all donations generated through their affiliate links. + Multi-tier: You earn a 5% commission on a ...

View Details Affiliate Program new Company: is an online platform that provides certification courses focused on artificial intelligence (AI), technology, business, and related fields. The ...

Program: Earn $80 commission. + Commissions on every sale made through your affiliate links. + Higher earning potential and special incentives for top performers. + Enjo ...

View Details

StealthEx Affiliate Program new

StealthEX Company: StealthEX is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange. The platform does not hold users' funds. Users can exchange cryptocurrencies without needing to create an ...

Program: Earn 0.4% from total transaction volume as a revenue share model. + Affiliates can set their fees with the help of StealthEX's API integration. + Customizable f ...

View Details

Yaware Affiliate Program new

Yaware Company: Yaware is a time-tracking software designed to help businesses monitor and manage employee productivity. It automatically tracks the time employees spend on var ...

Program: Earn up to 50% commission. + 20% to 50% commission for every payment of every client you refer + Increasing commissions for an increasing number of clients + Tr ...

View Details
The Multiverse AI

The Multiverse AI Affiliate Program new

The Multiverse AI Company: The Multiverse AI platform stands out with its top-tier AI-driven headshot creation tool, renowned for its precision in producing realistic portraits. This adva ...

Program: Earn 20% commission. + Get a commission for every client you refer, along with a 10% extra discount for your clients with the code HEADSHOT. + Cookie period of ...

View Details

SelfDecode Affiliate Program new

SelfDecode Company: SelfDecode offers personalized health reports and recommendations based on an individual's genetic data, lab test results, symptoms, conditions, and lifestyle r ...

Program: Earn up to 25% commission. + Higher commission for a higher conversion rate + Cookie period of 90 days + No charge to join + Marketing kit for the affiliates + ...

View Details
Smart Pineapple

Smart Pineapple Affiliate Program new

Smart Pineapple Company: Smart Pineapple revolutionizes the hospitality industry with advanced AI tools, elevating social media, marketing, guest services, web, and SEO while championin ...

Program: Earn 20% recurring commission. + Lifetime commission on subscriptions made through your affiliate links + Affiliates receive immediate commission on every succe ...

View Details

FixedFloat Affiliate Program new

FixedFloat Company: FixedFloat is a cryptocurrency trading platform. The exchange gives users flexibility in their crypto transactions and supports various cryptocurrencies includi ...

Program: Earn a 40% commission. + You will get 40% of fees from every exchange made by referred customers. + Monitor all exchanges of your referrals in real time through ...

View Details
The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader Affiliate Program new

The Funded Trader Company: The Funded Trader is an online demo simulated trading evaluation firm. They allow clients to complete their assessment and prove their simulated trading skills ...

Program: Earn up to 15% commission. + Get commissions ranging from 7.5% to 15% based on the TFT Challenge payment from the referred trader. + Increase your commission ra ...

View Details

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