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Apart from our listing option, we offer a budget-friendly service.

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Traffic Summary:

  • Monthly Sessions: 5k-10k
  • Monthly Page Views: 20k-30k
  • Average Time on Site: 2-4 minutes
  • Pageviews per Traffic Source: Direct 47%, Organic 46%, Referral 7%
  • Pageviews per Country: US 35%, UK 5%, Canada 4%, Germany 3%, Australia 2%, France 2%, Netherlands 1%, Ireland 1%, New Zealand 1%
  • Pageviews per Browser: Chrome 51%, Chrome Mobile 23%, Mobile Safari 11%, Edge 5%, Safari 4%, Firefox 3%, Opera 1%
  • Pageviews per Device: Desktop 65%, Mobile 33%, Tablet 2%
  • Indirect effect: Being listed on APDB means your exposure gets multiplied. Content creators (and AI bots) regularly visit our website. They get inspired from our listings or sometimes copy and paste. So, after we create your page on APDB, your program might appear on third-party sources (other websites, videos, social media channels, and AI results).

What will you get for $299?

Refund Policy:

  • If you stop having an affiliate program in the future, and upon your request, we can change the status of your program to "inactive" or unpublish your page completely. Later, we can make it active or publish it again if/when you need. We will make these changes for free but there are no refunds for the original listing fee you paid.

Directory Guidelines:

We follow these rules to accept/reject new programs:

  • Please check our Unbiased Information Policy to understand our difference compared to a typical affiliate marketing directory.
  • We focus on companies and affiliate programs with a website in English. Your business operation can be limited to a country or a region, but you need to have an English version of your website.
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT these programs: adult, violence, hate, spam, gambling, illegal, black hat, etc.
  • We focus on programs that pay cash. We do not accept programs that compensate the referrer with credits, coupons, or discounts rather than cash.
  • We are searching for high-quality programs, so we reserve the right to reject programs that do not fulfill our requirements.
  • If you have doubts that your program will not suit our database, feel free to ask our opinion.
  • If you are sure your program is not fit for APDB, we have an alternative way to promote your affiliate program. We run a subreddit with a more relaxed moderation: r/AffiliateMarketing247
  • We have a private LinkedIn group just for affiliate managers: Affiliate Managers Cafe. Behind the scenes of affiliate programs. Success tips, discussions, affiliate manager jobs, etc.

We look forward to working with you and helping you find more affiliates. Thank you for your interest!


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What is APDB?

A Compass For Affiliates

Affiliate Program Database (APDB) is an affiliate program directory.

Streamline your search with our carefully chosen lists of companies. You can browse our 500+ categories to find a profitable niche and a suitable affiliate program.

Our Unbiased Information Policy allows us to be your guide. Only hand-curated programs with essential information and moderated discussions are on our website.

We want to help you discover high-quality products and services to promote. We bring you valuable insights with clarity and simplicity.

We curate the programs that pay cash rather than those that compensate the referrer with credits, coupons, or discounts. The programs we select are suitable both for beginners and seasoned affiliate marketers. 99% of the programs we list are free to join.

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