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Ongles d'Or Affiliate Program Review (October 2022)

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Does Ongles d'Or have an affiliate marketing program?

Yes, Ongles d'Or has an active public affiliate marketing program that pays cash.


About The Company:

Ongles d'Or Affiliate Program Ongles d'Or Affiliate Program

Ongles d'Or is a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, distributor and professional training center for nail enhancement.

Ongles d'Or offers nails products for the professional nail technician and everybody who like beautiful nails.

The products are bottled from the company's own laboratory, allowing an increased control of quality whith very competitive prices. Ongles d'Or also distributes products under the brands of CND, Shellac, Vinylux, Essie, Glam & Glits, Medicom, Sparedi, Natural Reserve, Cuccio, Nails Alive, Graham and INM.

Ongles d'Or online store is available to choose and order items from more than 4000 products. Delivery is available across Canada, USA and Europe. Ongles d'Or has 2 retail stores in Quebec.

Ongles d'Or is the ideal place to follow training, whether in nail polish with resin or UV gel, in application of UV polish (Shellac), but also pedicure, massage, airbrushing, royal manicure and hair removal.

Ongles d'Or already has more than a dozen distributors throughout Quebec and is constantly looking for new entrepreneurs wishing to distribute their products.

About The Affiliate Program:

Their commission rate is private.

+ All affiliates receive a commission from orders placed by affiliate referrals.
+ Special promo materials (links, banners, widget and coupon code) to share
+ Affiliate dashboard

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