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About The Company:

Watermarkly Watermarkly

Watermarkly is an online tool that lets users add watermarks to their photos. It's used by photographers, small businesses, and individuals to protect their images from unauthorized use and promote their brands.

You can lock down a photo portfolio, brand up your business snaps, or add a personal touch to your social media posts with Watermarkly. It's a breeze to use and does an ace job of helping you stake your claim on your images.

The tool allows users to apply watermarks in bulk. However, please note that the free version of Watermarkly adds its own logo on top of the user's watermark. To overcome this restriction and gain access to enhanced features, an upgrade is available for purchase.

Also, Watermarkly is not just a single-feature tool. It provides a range of features to enhance and safeguard your digital images and PDFs. These features include watermarking images and PDFs, cropping photos, compressing images to reduce file size, resizing photos, blurring images for artistic effect or privacy, converting PDF or PNG files to JPG, and adding text to photos.

The tool is accessible from any device with an internet connection, which means users can protect their images from anywhere.

About The Affiliate Program:

Earn 30% commission.

+ Earn a 30% commission on all payments made by buyers within the first 12 months.
+ Minimum payment threshold is $20.
+ Unlimited earnings; there are no maximum payout limits.
+ Referrals are credited to your account within 60 days for all new purchases.
+ Affiliates receive payments via PayPal or SEPA in Europe.
+ Monthly payments are automatically processed for affiliates during the last week of the next month.
+ Increase your earnings by promoting various Watermarkly tools.
+ Ensure accurate conversions with TrackDesk.
+ Anyone can become an affiliate; you don’t need to be their customer.
+ Each affiliate is provided with a unique tracking link.
+ You can promote their products on social media platforms.
+ You can also share your affiliate link with your email subscribers.

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