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Does LogMeIn have an affiliate marketing program?

Yes, LogMeIn has an active public affiliate marketing program that pays cash.

You can find information about LogMeIn and its affiliate program in this section: company overview, its products and services, partner program details, commission rates, cookies, referral terms and conditions, tracking and payout dashboard, dedicated affiliate marketing manager and team, payment structure, affiliate login, FAQ, Trustpilot & Wikipedia links, etc.

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About The Company:

LogMeIn, Inc. is a provider of software as a service and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts.

The company's products give users and administrators access to remote computers.

The company's products are focused on three business areas, including Communications & Collaboration services, Identity & Access Management services, and Customer engagement & support services.

The company is part of the S&P 400 stock market index.

LogMeIn products and services:
LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Central, LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn Hamachi, LogMeIn Backup, Jive, join.me, RemotelyAnywhere, Bold360, LastPass, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, GoToMyPC, GoToTraining, OpenVoice, GoToWebinar, Grasshopper, Nanorep

About The Affiliate Program:

LogMeIn has these programs: GoToMeeting Affiliate Program; Grasshopper Affiliate Program; LogMeIn PRO Affiliate Program; GoToWebinar Affiliate Program; LastPass Affiliate Program.


GoToMeeting Affiliate Program:

+ Earn $100 per order.
+ Referral Period: 45 days
+ Actions are locked 2 month(s) after end of the month they are tracked.
+ Credit Policy: Last Click


Grasshopper Affiliate Program:

+ Earn $100 per order.
+ Referral Period: 90 days
+ Credit Policy: winner of Free Trial then cascades to Last Click


LogMeIn PRO Affiliate Program:

+ Earn a minimum 25% commission.
+ Earn up to 40% on net sales
+ Updated banners and optimized landing pages
+ Dedicated affiliate management
+ Regular discount and incentive offers
+ 45 Day return visit cookie
+ Average order size: $75


GoToWebinar Affiliate Program:

+ Earn $100 per order.
+ Referral Period: 45 days
+ Credit Policy: Last Click


LastPass Affiliate Program:

+ Earn a minimum 25% commission.
+ Free to enroll

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